Saturday, January 12, 2019

Mzansi Super League.

Mzansi Super League.

South Africa cricket board should be proud of their hard work into making Mzansi Super League (MSL) a successful tournament. A lot of work went through it, in terms of superb marketing strategies as their advert was easy on eyes and quite enjoyable to watch. MSL advert involved some well-known celebrities nor influential human beings like Tumi Morake, LKG, Jomo Sono, AB DeVilliers, Nina Hastie,MakhayaNtini,ThandoThabede, etc. Just to name a few as the list was endless and everyone who was involved in that advert really did their best to make that advert a success. The theme song was incredibly catchy and one of the great theme songs that overcome from South Africa. Dj Fresh and Busiswa really out did themselves in making the MSL theme song. MSL came up with a brilliant slogan, “Fast, Fun For All.”
MSL commenced from the 16th of November and ended on the 16th of December 2019. Which means there was a full month of MSLT20 cricket that played on different cricket stadiums across South Africa. Twenty-Twenty(famously known as T20) cricket is a 20 0vers fast paced, full of excitement, quick runs scored and many wickets that are takenkind of a cricket. The runs scored and wickets taken by different crickets teams was exceptional done well. Even though some teams might feel they lacked on certain departments during their actual cricket match days. MSL showed case the sort of talent South African cricketers have and put everyone on the map. All those young players that got exposure into playing with their cricket heroes and most of them made the most of their chances give them by their coaches.Every team was made up of fantastic players (bowlers, batsmen and all-rounders) and an excellent technical support teams. The MSL T20 was made up of 6 world class cricket teams and there was only one team that could be crowned the first MSL T20 champions.Namely, Cape Town Blitz, Durban Heat, Jozi Stars, Tshwane Spartans, Nelson Mandela Bay Giants and Paarl Rocks. All these team had amazing support from their supporters across the country.

MSL didn’t disappoint and it lived up to its standards. Surely the organizers should be happy with the way everything transpired. SABC played a critical role in making sure that the MSL T20 cricket matches were broadcasted on television and radio stations. MSL can only go to greater heights next year with more investors and more international players being involved in the tournament. Finally, South Africa got a tournament that the world can look forward to part of each year. These are exciting times for South Africans and their cricket. The South African Proteas selectors will have a good headache when it comes to choosing cricket players to represent South Africa on the world stage. MSL T20 is a force to be reckon with and definitely the success rate will increase as time goes by on years to come.

Congratulations to Jozi Stars for winning the first ever MSL T20.

The Journey Part 26: Festive Season

The Journey Part 26: Festive Season

I have to say this festive season wasn’t all that in terms of hype and the way I thought I was going to enjoy it. In fact I didn’t really dwell on the festive season, as I was mostly busy throughout the whole December holidays seasons. I’m trying to get my life together and on track with what I want on earth. At the same time I felt that growth has hit me big time as I found no interesting things with December. I tried to going out and having fun every now and then but when the budget it tight its very hard to enjoy your festive season. My finances haven’t been up to date this year. At the same time that didn’t mean I shouldn’t be grateful for life and all the blessings that are going my way this year.

I didn’t really spend quality time with my family as we were scattered along the country and everyone was very busy. Most family members were working and they didn’t really get December holidays in their workplaces. Its understandable though as we need the money in order to look after ourselves and our loved ones. With that being said, I enjoyed spending time with my son. It was the first time we spent quality time on the 25th of December, as it me and him, just the two of us. I had to prepare Christmas lunch for us and it was an exciting yet challenging task as I wanted to impress my son. We really had a time of our lives, he actually loved the Christmas lunch and he played a role in helping me prepare the lunch. It was a bonding session, father and son moments that were priceless. Sitting with me, catching up and having some incredible conversations. A child doesn’t lie so I like to pay attention when we have conversations so that I’ll what’s bothering him in his life. As we don’t stay together currently, but soon we will be together as a proper family. What amazes me is that he could truly have a conversation with me and being called “Dad” is an unexplainable feeling. Although I’m still learning in this fatherhood industry but bits by bits I’ll get it right. I will make him and my family proud, its just a matter of time.

I also spent some time later that day with my childhood friends, to be honest we got up to no good since they had this idea that its Christmas and we could actually do all with our time. We enjoyed some few drinks and then we went to the nearest pub for some more fun. We came in the morning all tired and no regrets though as we made the most of our night. I hardly have fun but when I do I make sure I enjoy my time outside my comfort zone. I’m glad that no-one got hurt as we all came back in one piece. It was a fantastic day and I can’t really complain as I saw that the best things in life are actually in front me, like literary. I realized that fun differs from person to person but more often than not fun is created by myself as a human being. Each person is capable to create their own fun and it doesn’t really have to involve alcohol and drugs in order to be considered as fun.

My New Year’s Eve was something to remember for the rest of my life. Although I can’t really get into more details but it was enjoyable. When the song of the year played which was Banomoya by Prince Kaybee ft Busiswa and TNS, I danced like nobody was watching. I had to thank the Lord for giving me yet another year to be greater. I feel that 2019 is year for success and happiness all around. Whatever that has happened in the previous year, it is now in the past and in order for us to go forward we need to make peace with our past. The future is in our hands, don’t let anyone fool you into believing you not enough and that you can't make it life. It’s about time we put those brilliant brains of ours into good use.

The Journey Part 25 My Festive Season: The Bad Side.

The Journey Part 25 My Festive Season: The Bad Side.

It’s always great to see another day in this world. I know I’ll live for a long time and be successful. With that being said I still appreciate every moment spent on earth. I don’t take anything for granted, as I make sure I thank each day I get on earth.Speaking of that sadly I lost two people I knew, one was my childhood friend and the other person was an ex-colleague of mine. 

My mother sent me a message to let me know that one my childhood friend has passed on and it was just before the 16th of December 2018. He was involved in a car accident whereby everyone died in the scene except him. Since he was badly burnt on his body and all his injuries he sustained made him more sick. That unfortunately led to his death. He died very young as he was in his early twenties. He was really one of those well behaved children in the township, he valued respect as he gave a lot of respect to almost anyone despite their age and status in the community. He loved cracking jokes, I never seen him angry at all as he was always showing us a big smile on his face. Even if he was angry I would really applaud him for hiding his anger to the world. He enjoyed going to church as most of the times I would find him dressed smart and going to church, not only on Sundays but during the week too.He used to shout my name even if I didn’t see him just to greet me and check I was doing at that time. What really stood out for me was his love for people and his family. As he used to do some part-time jobs to support his family. As we grew up we grew further apart as I relocated to another place to do my own things in terms of self growth.I still felt he was good person based on the times we spent together. Although I didn’t make to his funeral due to unforeseen circumstances but may his soul rest in peace.

My ex-colleague died on the early mornings of the New Year and I was informed by another ex-colleague of mines through a call at night on New Year's Day. We had a good working relationship as he was my superior and I pretty much loved working under his leadership. I would be lying if I say we didn’t have our ups and downs at work. I now realize that I was wrong at time for not taking simple instructions from him. We had less conflicts though and more happiness through our working relationship as I respect his experience of working with people. He was a great person, loved smiling as he was truly attracted to happiness and it was easy for us to know if he wasn’t having a good day as he would stay in the office almost the whole day or night depending on his shift. I didn’t spend a lot of time with him but the time we spent together at work was truly amazing. Almost forgot to mention that he was a very outgoing person and was very known in the place where he lived and worked. He had many posts of him and his living it up in certain clubs. He invited me to a couple his birthday parties but I only able to attend one of them. Which was quite a vibe and we enjoyed ourselves as I brought my friend with me. We also once went to a club with him as well as the rest of the night shift staff. We had a great time, even though I hardly went to clubs but I enjoyed myself. Our staff party was also the one to remember as he made his presence felt through his kindness of making sure everyone was enjoying the staff party. He loved seeing people happy I must say and that brought happiness within him. He loved picking my brain every now and then and loved teasing me in a good way though nothing hectic. He will be dearly missed as his family was expecting a lot from him as he died due tuberculosis and he was still in his early thirties.May his soul rest in peace. 

Death do not be proud. It’s always a shocker when you hear someone has passed on whether you that person or not. Death is something that we can never get used, even we know it exist. But I always have hope that death will decrease and people will live their long happy lives on this earth. We here to stay and our lives better and showing humanity to others. As one wise man once said, “each one teach one.”

Our Quick Analysis On Brands: “MoFaya.”

Our Quick Analysis On Brands: “MoFaya.” 

Most energy drinks are either bitter or too strong in terms of taste.I then had a chance to drink the first and only South African energy drink called MoFaya. Wow, I’m very impressed with the uniqueness of MoFaya. Firstly, it’s branding is simple yet so easy on the eye. It’s not complicated at all and it oozes that “buy me” kind of attractiveness. It stands out as it has the latest words that are used in the country. The one I had bought was written “Thol' Ukuthi Hey!” and I’ve seen another one written “Vrrrphaaaaa”. These words are home brewed in South Africa like MoFaya Energy Drink.
I also noticed some inspirational words on the MoFaya. It’s written “Set your Ambitions alight! Let your Mind breed a new Fire for Passion & Rise beyond the Ashes of your limitations. Ignite Your Mind with countless Possibilities!” By drinking MoFaya I also felt motivated to do better things in this world. This writing goes pretty well with the energy drink itself. It made me think deeply in my future while I was indulging my taste buds into MoFaya. My thirstiness went away quickly and my body literary thanked me for drinking MoFaya.
The appearance of the MoFaya is like a cylinder, its black in colour with gold and red writings on it. It’s also a 500ml bottle and its super portable.It cost only R10.00 at the stores. The usage of MoFaya is straight forward: Maximum 1 can every 4 hours. Do not exceed 3 cans per day. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age, pregnant or lactating women and persons sensitive to caffeine.
Its one of those greatest products to come out of South Africa. Definitely Africa as a whole should embrace MoFaya as their own brand. Thanks a million to Sibusiso “DjSbu” Leopefor creating MoFaya. This media, author, musician and entrepreneur extraordinaire outdid himself as this is nothing but a genius innovation from him. Long live MoFaya long live.
You must keep at least a 6pack of MoFaya in your fridge. Especially this in this heat. You going to need some MoFaya in your life.

Saturday, December 22, 2018


I have a couple of unanswered questions in my mind that I need answers to and really your honesty is required. We've been together for sometime now and I would like to know where do we stand as a couple? Don't get me wrong I just want to figure out the state of our relationship. I'm enjoying the love we giving each other, I adore your company and all that comes with it. Sex is great and I couldn't change it for anything in the world. But that isn't all, i wanted to know where we going in terms of our relationship. What are your goals and how are going to achieve them collectively as a couple?

I don't want us to waste each other's time by only living in the moment. Although its great living in the moment and not having to worry about what our future entails. Basically not thinking broadly about our tomorrow and what it holds. Unfortunately in this case,  have to ask you if you up for longevity in terms of our relationship and our love. Are you prepared to date one man intentionally and loving every moment of it? Despite the challenges that comes with it. Are you going to be by my side through ups and downs? Are you prepared being questioned by other people why you dating me and what makes me special from other men in the world? I just need to know since I love building an umpire with a special partner. I don't really like dating many people, as well as being involved on those few months relationships that don't last. At the same time I don't want to force anyone to fully commit to me as well as us. I would really appreciate your honesty so that I will know where I stand within our relationship. Are you content in terms of our relationship itself? I know that we still have a long way to go in terms of our personal goals. It's just that I have been quietly looking at our relationship and the weight of it on us. The question that came up was is this what we both want in terms of love and relationships goals?

Hence it is very important to know what you want in a relationship and be clear about why you started it. This is done on purpose to make sure that both people involved in the relationship are on the same page in terms of their needs and wants as well as the description of their relationship. Are we dating each other to benefit certain hidden things from each other, things like money, clothes, food, house and car - as well as many other materialistic things. That will just put into a proper perspective if we in love or its just lust nor we both playing a game. I need to know so that i can protect my feelings if there's a need for such actions. I am very capable of loving you and being happy with you for the rest of my life. But that is just on my side, i wouldn't want you to say the things you wanted me to hear as in sugarcoating certain things for me. I didn't want to keep all these questions to myself as I felt you needed to know what's on my mind when it comes to our precious relationship. It really means a lot to me, hence I needed clarity on where we going in terms of our love and relationship. You're truly an incredible human being, and if you had your own personal plans without me I would truly understand that and happily let you achieve your goals. I just wanted you to spit out whatever that's on your mind about us and we would then take it from there.

I need to know if your love is unconditional and true. It doesn't change like weather or even mood swings. Is your love here to stay temporary or for a lifetime? Is your love transparent and not two faced? I need to know if you love having a big family and that can you handle being a working wife and mother? Can you multitask and stop complaining about what isn't going correctly in your life? Are you a talker or a doer in terms of your dreams? Can you handle being a wife. Do you love children and marriage? Can you submit to your man? Can you stay within your role in a relationship? What comes first in your life, is it your happiness or other people's happiness?  I just need to know if you ready to transform your life into our life? Do you think before you act? I need to know.

How To Make A Girl Smile And Love Hanging Out With You?

How To Make A Girl Smile And Love Hanging Out With You?
There’s nothing sexy like seeing a happy girl. Damn, happiness looks amazing on a girl. Especially if a guy has something to do with it. There’s that extra glow when a girl loves being around her special somebody. Don’t get me wrong a girl can also be happy on her own but it’s more noticeable when she has a partner to share that true happiness with all day everyday. The aim is to spread unconditional love not hate. As guy there are certain things that you need to do to keep a girl happy within your life.

Simple things like calling her weekly to check up on her. Having those fruitful conversations on the phone while cracking up jokes here and there within the call. Many girls love morning texts, here’s an example: “Good morning beautiful, hope you slept well. I hope you have a great productive day. Take care and God bless.” Compliments works often than not, just shower her with compliments while you maintaining eye contact with her and smile while talking to her. Also making sure that you as a guy you constantly keep the communication on a high, if you can’t call or text her, leave an offline message on her social network. You can even leave a different meaningful or romantic message on all her social media platforms. The thing is as a guy you must not stop being sweet, caring, kind, thoughtful, respectful and showing unconditional love to a girl. What you can also do is when you in the garden pick a beautiful flower and give her when you see her. Even when you going to buy some groceries you can buy chocolate for her. When she asks is this for me or why you being so good to me? Say to her, you deserve the best things in life. When I see certain best things in life, I automatically think of you.

Make a girl feel like the only girl in the world. All of this is strictly achieved by being there for her when she needs a shoulder to cry as well as in good times. Spend some quality time with her and try by all means to make her one of your top priorities in life. Show a lot of gratitude towards her and make her feel your presence. Most importantly listen before you talk to her. Get to know her as well as her favourites things she loves to do on her spare time and do it with her. It’s great to have someone to count on as a human being and a girl will cherish your efforts for life.

Saturday, December 15, 2018


GROWING UP IN POVERTY. Written by Sivuyile Tshalana.

Many people live in poverty and that forces them to be able to think on their feet. These people wonder when is their next meal is going to come from and that if it does come or not. In the Oxford dictionary poverty is explained as being poor, basically having very little money or other resources. When people grow up in poverty it has a huge impact on their childhood and how they view life as a whole.

When people grow up in poverty, many of them think that it is how their lives will be forever and that they will always live in it including generations to come after them. Growing up with hardly any food, proper shelter and clothes is frustrating, quite challenging, especially within children because they do not understand why they are living in such conditions while other children are wealthy, and can afford and have anything they want while others cannot have it. Children that live within poverty stricken families generally ask typical things like toys or even money to buy chips or sweets. This is very stressful for parents, because its even harder to answer their children when they ask for something and especially since they not working. While some parents go out there looking for part time jobs or just any general job that can help them bring something on the table for their families to eat, because they are desperate they end up doing somethings that are not so good, like prostitution just for the sake of money to feed their families. Whatever these children get whether it is food or clothes, they need to learn to share whether they get in order for everyone to have something to eat or wear. Many people that grow up in poverty are exposed to sicknesses caused by malnutrition due to lack of proper diet. They are also exposed to the cold since they do not have warm clothes, a bed with warm blankets and even proper shelter to protect them from getting cold. These children find it hard to even go to school, because they do not have uniforms, shoes, school bags and even food to carry at school. Let alone that parents cannot even afford to pay school fees. Hence the children's future is affected, because education is the answer to poverty.

Growing up with nothing is a big challenge in life, but people should not let that define them as they are meant for finer things in life. No-one is meant to live in poverty for the rest of their lives, it's just a passing phase but a person has to work harder to move out of poverty and shape the next generation's future. Whatever people think they are, then they are what they say they are. A positive mindset is everything when you grow up in poverty and especially when your trying to get out of poverty.

Letter To My Ex.

Letter To My Ex. written by Sivuyile Tshalana.

I don't usually do this, its actually my fist time that I've felt like this about anyone, especially my ex. I don't have many regrets or any regrets at all, I just currently thought of you and I said let me put everything I remember down on paper. It's very rare that you find me thinking about any girl that I've dated, you might have really made an impact in my life for me to even write about you. To be honest you really did, when I think of the times we spent together there wasn't any signs that we would end up separated as we had a time of our lives. We enjoyed every seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks together.

We made each other happier. The most amazing part is that our relationship was like a rare breath of fresh air that comes once in a while and once you miss one breath its over. You still the most amazingly beautiful both inside and outside human being that I've ever met and I'm grateful we had one of the greatest relationship of my life. Hence I will never forget you and all that we've done together. The way we both made each ease everything bad that was happening in our lives. We knew that we could have each others backs at all times. I remember how you used to find it so hard to go back home after we've been together for the whole day. You used to even get into trouble because of me as you were hardly home in the afternoons. You remember how you used to ask your sister to cover up for you when it comes to your mother and grandmother so that we can be together.

Sometimes your sister got even tired of doing favours for you. I was attached to you in all ways and you declared me as your one and only boyfriend. Your actions spoke louder than words as I saw that you truly loved me. The thing is when you came into my life I wasn't looking for anything serious, as I had a couple girlfriends and you changed me for the better. I was then able to date one girl which was you, all thanks to you as you made me a better loving human being. I loved your loyalty, respect and introvertness. You definitely knew what you wanted in life, its sad at times that you didn't deserve to be hurt or cry. You've been through a lot in the previous relationship, and I added to all your heartache and headache. While all you needed was unconditional love, tolerance, more happiness and to be cherished as well respected at all times. I can never say why we broke up as it doesn't really ring a bell on how it all happened but obviously I blame myself for everything that lead to the break up and all the hiccups we had leading to the break up.

Now that I think of it, I believe it all started when I was caught up in my own world, I acted single a couple of months within our relationships and that lead to lack of communication. We started having useless arguments and conflicts that became unsolvable. Next thing I knew our relationship was on life support and I switched the plugs off not really thinking the effect of my actions. I also loved you so much, but I didn't accept your love fully as I already loved myself a lot. I blame myself for everything that happened to us, I will forever love you and you the realest girlfriend I've had so far in my dating life. I trust you happy, relationship wise and life in general. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

From your ex-boyfriend that wasn't meant to be an ex.

Friday, November 23, 2018


LIVING BEYOND YOUR MEANS. Written by Sivuyile Tshalana.

In this day and time certain people are mostly in competition about how they live their lives on a daily basis. Many people follow ridiculous trends on social media whereby certain people claim to have it all in life and they brag about their expensive lifestyles on social media. Celebrities and media as a whole influence many people into believing that if you are living a normal life then you are not great or you do not belong in the world they live in.

It is human nature to be attracted to what you see but thereafter it is the decision you take after you have seen everything with your eyes. Many people do not live for themselves, they just want to impress others, forgetting how that is going to impact their lives going forward. As soon as some people start working, even if it is just a part time job, they start chasing a lot of things that would not get them anywhere but deeply in debt continuously. Some people then forget the main reasons for getting an occupation which then affects their mentality towards money and how it should be used. Many people live beyond their means in terms of lifestyle as a whole. Certain people as soon as they get a job, they start opening numerous and unnecessary accounts, take huge loans from the banks or loan sharks, buy ridiculously expensive accessories, clothes, gadgets and cars. Then their expenses become more than their salaries which means they are in debts, while others become blacklisted because of poor payments made towards their debts. They buy all these things to show off to others on social media, and even their friends and to get appraisal from everyone around them. When people live beyond their means they automatically become mindless spenders, meaning every time they see money they think about shopping nor spending and nothing else. Even their families hardly benefit from people who live beyond their means, as most of them are selfish. They only want things that will belong to them and cannot really buy for their family members. These kind of people hardly save money, since they do not get to see their whole salaries in full because of the numbers of deductions by creditors that need their money. Living beyond your means is very dangerous, because it means you do not own what enters your bank and this does not only affect you but everyone else around you.

A lot of people need to stop living beyond their means, because it leads to unhappiness as you drown in debt and your life will be changed and you will feel drained for a long time. People need to stop impressing others and start focusing on their lives in terms of growth and investing in certain things that will take them forward in life. Investing in things like education which will be something that a person will cheer for life about and it can never be taken away from them. It is time to think wisely about our financial statuses. Your family cannot suffer, because of your irrational decisions you choose to make in life.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Cultivate Your Environment

Cultivate Your Environment. written by Sivuyile Tshalana.

I just moved into this new neighborhood, I didn't know what to expect but so far so good as I'm really enjoying living here. As I'm not known by the people in this community and I'm planning to keep it that way. Sometimes when you known in an area you attracts a lot of bad company around you. Some people come into your live if they stand something to gain. Its very hard to know who are real friends or fake friends when you known in the community, because you just enjoy getting attention from many people. It also helps knowing why you moved into a certain area.

Otherwise you going to be caught in the cross fire and you wouldn't know how to get yourself out of it as you'd be alone. All your so called friends would be nowhere to be seen and you have to sort out the mess they've put you in - face the problems on your own. It helps though now that I'm an introvert since I've changed environments. I was really tired where I used to live, because of people I used to live with as they were drunkards. Every little money they got they spent it on alcohol, parties and women. Come Monday morning they begging money for transport fare in order to go to work. Having fun with limitations is good and you don't have to have fun every week even if you don't have money. There are far more important things then having fun every week. Remember that nowadays fun needs money in order to unlock their real fun. Hence the club's, pubs and restaurants that sell alcohol won't go extinct, because some countries spends more money on alcohol then they do on the important things that families need.

The looks, and questions you get when you say you don't drink alcohol and you hardly go to parties. Its like our environments are all about partying it all up everyday and if you not into that kind of fun, you're an outsider and you get excluded by some of the community members. People can have fun without alcohol, its very possible but some people put fun and alcohol together. At the same time others don't even know their drinking limit, they drink alot as long as they see alcohol in from of them and the worst part is they fight afterwards. They can end up dead, because they don't know what they're doing as they're under the influence of alcohol as others even drive when they're drunk. Community members lost their lives on the roads each day, because of drunkards - people who can't think properly and do the right thing that will not put their lives and other people's lives in danger. Certain people need to stop sending young children to buy them alcohol over the counter in alcohol stores. Its really a bad trend that I see in every community that I got to or visit. The children grow up knowing that its okay to drink and that drinking is cool. Remember that the children learn from us - whether we doing good or bad and they practice it later on in their lives. The laws around alcohol needs to be more tighten up.

I'm not against alcohol or community tendencies, all I care about is for people to be safe and live to see the next day. Many people need to stop living for the weekends, like life starts and ends on weekends. There's more to life then drinking alcohol and spending time with community members that act like they care about you but all they want is gravy from you. When there's no gravy, they leave you like they've never met you or existed. It is crucial to cultivate your environment that you living in and don't do what they're all doing. Be different and chase your dreams and visions. You only got one life and live it with a purpose.