Friday, June 14, 2019

Underestimating Others.

Underestimating Others. Written by Sivuyile Tshalana.

In life as people at times we like to think that we're better than each other as we're constantly in a race to be successful. In that race we meet a lot of people, get used to certain ways of doing things and we then settle for their personality that they portrayed to us. After that we then develop one of the bad tendencies that any human being can have, which is called underestimating. How this came about is that a human being looks down on another person. We then create unnecessary and inaccurate conclusions about certain individuals that we come a cross.

This can be considered as dangerous, because no-one really knows what the other person is always thinking. Sometimes they can tell if you ask them, but there's guarantee that the person told you everything. We then develop ways of underestimating that person based on what they told you, what you see and hear. In certain cases, many people show or tell you what you to hear so that you can think you ahead in life. Then that's how being underestimated come about in life. We don't want to give everyone a fair chance in life. We cut others of because we feel they are not good enough to be with us in our lives which means they won't be as productive as other trusted ones. To be honest everyone deserves an opportunity to do something without being underestimated so that they will be loved, and it will portray on their work as there would be no pressure. People are then allowed to be themselves which increase their happiness and productivity. They will feel content as they will not overthink things to come up solutions.

No-one has the right to underestimate another person. We all here to make somethings of ourselves and times we might step on each other's feet. When that happens, we don't have to take it personally, but we need to accept it as we keep it moving. In some cases, other people love being underestimated as it gives them less pressure. As an underdog, you can do whatever you want nothing to pressure and excel at it too. Before even underestimating another person, which I would don't do it as it is not worth it. Just do your research on other people before you utter a word about them to yourself and other people. You will get nothing from underestimating others. Hence it is important to do your own thing and focus on yourself more than you do on others. Chase your hustle, upgrade it and rip out the rewards of your hard work as well as live the life you know you deserve. It's now or never for your dreams and visions. Living on other people's shadows won’t help you.

Thank God Every day

Thank God Every day. written by Sivuyile Tshalana.

It is not by choice or our liking that we are waking up every morning and gear on to face the day. Everyone need to give credit where its due, especially to someone who deserves it for looking after us every night's and days, that person is God. We're absolutely nothing without God, as he's the creator of mankind. The aim is to praise him every day for simply giving us a golden opportunity to live and make something out of ourselves that he'd be proud of and make the difference in our communities. Remember that a giving hand is blessed than a receiving hand.

Life is more meaningful when people learn the art of giving without expecting anything in return. God uses people to help others to come out of tough situations in their lives. Hence it is important to see God in all people and don't hate others. Everything is taught, no-one is born knowing everything on earth or about life, hence it is crucial that we seek guidance from God in order we can be able to understand our reasons for being on earth. We live and learn from others as well who've already been through the ups and downs of life and have seen it all. Those people are our elders, also known as our parents or guardians and are also called our Gods on earth. If can we can love them unconditionally, respect and cherish them, surely, we can do the same to the Almighty our God and surveyor. We need to pray more and worry less, just to thank him for such an amazing present called life. We need to be more thankful, count our blessings and have less complaints. Just sit down and start appreciating what we have in this lifetime. We're so used to touch base with our God when things don't go our way or when we ask for things that we need in our lives.

When doesn't give us those things that we need at that time, most of us start doubting him and his abilities to help us, forgetting that he has already helped us by giving us lives and our brains to use come with solutions. Most people forget that if they start thanking God for all they have now and what they're about receive in the future makes God gives them more blessings. Be thankful for waking up every morning, being strong and healthy and being able to do things by yourselves. Be thankful for your loved ones, job, education, shelter and food. Just be thankful each every day, because there are many patients in hospitals right fighting for their lives as well as begging God for another opportunity nor shot at life. They want to revive their lives in a way that God would approve and start following God's commandments in order to lives accordingly and with so much ease. There's about approximately four-hundred trillion in one probability that a person has a chance to actually live. This means life is very rare and it’s something that shouldn't be taken for granted as it is not promised that we might live tomorrow.

We need to thank God more often for everything, people die every day and we still alive, which means there's still a chance to better ourselves and praise God daily. It's our chance to show God how much we appreciate his blessings and love through prayer and being thankful for everything. God is love. God is our father. God is our leader. God is the greatest man of all time. He always deserves to be thanked and praised.

Thursday, May 23, 2019


Her! written by Sivuyile Tshalana.

When you need a shoulder to cry on, I am here for you.     
When you need a friend, look no further because I am your friend. Both in good and bad times, you can always count on me.
When you sick in love I will be your love doctor.
We are in this thing called life together, I will not live your side.
I will not judge you in anyway.
You're the best version of yourself.
You're the most kind, generous, confident, loving, respectful and beautiful human being I know.

I see the Goddess in you.
I see a woman who knows what she wants in this life.
You're such a goal driven and hungrier for success woman.
Hence you have a brighter future ahead of you.
I know you say you not perfect but you're perfect in my eyes together with your flaws.
I accept your past, since I know it doesn't define you and I know you not the same person you were in the past.
You living your present like its your last and you appreciate everyday you spend on earth.

Your beauty brings a smile into a blind person.
When you smile you make a bad day into a good day.
You got that powerful presence about you.
Spending time with you is the thing I look forward to everyday.
So that I can gaze into those sexy, cute and hazel eyes as I tell you how much you mean to me.

When I touch your hands I feel like I'm touching gold.
I am done digging for gold as I've found my own gold in this world full of bronzes and silvers.
You're a rare breed and I cherish you everyday.

You put L in LOVE.
You put H in HAPPINESS.
You put L in LOYALTY.
You put C in CONTENT.

Your inner beauty matches your outer beauty which is truly amazing.
You definitely a keeper and I couldn't see myself losing you in my life.
You make life worth living.
You don't settle for less.
I hope accept my unconditional love the way it is and with no questions asked.
You deserve a real man in your life and I am your real man.
I am prepared to learn from you.
I will listen more and talk less.

I will show you love rather than talking about it.
I am prepared to walk the walk in terms of love and life with you gorgeous woman.
I always find myself laughing and happy when I think about you.
As you make me look forward into my tomorrows.
I am here for you through thick and thin. In bad and good times I will not leave your side.

You're the queen of my heart and our kingdom.
I see a superb girlfriend in you, who will be turned into a wife as time goes by and thereafter a great family woman.
I got bigger plans for us.

All I want to say is I LOVE YOU and I hope you feel the same way.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


THE STRUGGLE. Written by Sivuyile Tshalana.

In this life not everyone is born in a wealthy family whereby a person has no struggle and everything is solved by their money. Not everyone has inheritance or an empire from their family members to keep them going for the rest of their lives. Other families can afford things while others cannot and it is quite unfortunate. For instance there are a lot of people that struggle in the shacks and do not even know where their next is coming from and others do not even own a shack to live in.

Even though government gives some people houses, some of them still struggle to make ends meet in their lives. Within that tough life struggle there is a lot of hatred and jealousy that builds within a person’s heart in a way that they look down upon each other. Some people in the community do not even want to help others uplift their standards of living. All they care about is making other people’s lives hell everyday of their lives rather than trying to grow together. If people do not want to play a role in their communities then the country as a whole suffers, because of the lack of growth amongst people. It is so sad to find a wealthy family or a family that can afford things living next to a family that struggles but there is no communication between the two families. This is even evident at many schools whereby some learners eat their lunch while sitting with other learners that do not have lunch and they do not even care if the other learners are hungry or not.

Some children also practice what their parents teach them or what their parents do, like when there is a visitor before supper is served, some families would rather wait for the visitor to leave before serving supper. A visitor suppose to get something to eat or drink while visiting unless the family has nothing to offer. It is crucial to know another human being, because one way or the other we all need each other in this life so that we can all strive to be happy. Success has so much value when it is shared amongst other people. The struggle is real, because many people see others suffering for the rest of their lives as it brings joy to their heartless lives. Some people would rather talk and laugh about your struggle, and also try to make you accept the struggle and turn a blind eye on your future. Some successful people, especially those coming from previous disadvantaged background, do not want to help the next generation because they feel since no-one helped them, why should they help others and which is a selfish behaviour.

Your background does not define you and it should not be the reason you stop following your dreams. You going to get a lot of negativity on your way to success, just let it go and focus on things that truly matter like your future. Some people will catch up with you or invest in you once you have invested in yourself first and the rewards will start showing going forward in life. You just have to remain positive, focused, consistent and hustle daily.


SMILE. By Sivuyile Tshalana.

Smile, Smile and Smile some more.
Put that frown away. Move those hands away from your cheeks. Take a deep breath and count your blessings. You owe it to yourself to be happy. You owe it to yourself to smile. Things might not go your way. At times you feel like you don't deserve to be alive and you want nothing to do with life anymore. Yes, your life isn't perfect currently and you asking yourself a lot of unanswered questions.

Smile, Smile And Smile some more.

You cannot go through a day without smiling and putting a smile on someone else's face. Life is too short to be angry at all times. Life is so much better when you smile. We all have those sour days, but we cannot go to bed angry. We need to let go of what has happened, one way or the other. This can be achieved by digging down deep on your emotions and finding that inner smile.

Smile, Smile and Smile some more.

We cannot control certain things that happen in our lives at times but most definitely we can control our smiles. Go ahead, show those amazingly gorgeous teeth that are complimented by that perfectly shaped mouth and face. A smile can confuse your haters and keep them on their feet. A smile can make your day. A smile can make this world a whole lot better to live in. It all begins with a smile and also ends with a smile.

Smile, Smile and Smile some more.

A smile can start a conversation and can show that you really are grateful for every little thing life has to offer to you. If you don't know how to smile, then teach yourself as you're missing out on the finer things in life. Don't fake your smile, it has to be true and real to you. Smile at your problems and tell them they're not going to win. You will overcome every problem you face with a smile thereafter.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

#CassperNyovest: The Modern Day Super Hero.

"Cassper Nyovest: The Modern Day Super Hero." Written by Sivuyile Tshalana.

When talking about South African or African music industry, most people will mention Cassper's name frequently on their conversations. He's the talk of the town, because of his work in the music industry. Even if you talk to certain individuals that are on the come up in the music industry or just any ordinary human being, they take Cassper as a role model and a future legend. He has shown his worth throughout his albums which has been huge successes. He has great writing skills which makes his music full messages for everyone and very unique to people's ears. He most writes about issues that people are facing right now in the world as well as quoting on his life's journey.

Cassper always speaks from the heart as he's very vocal about issues that we face on earth as he can relate, especially what Black children still have to do in order to make successes out of themselves. Since most of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds, they have to work harder to break the poverty chain at their homes. Hence when they look at Cassper's story it gives them hope that it is possible to make it, despite their backgrounds, race, gender, religion, nationality and tradition. Success is always up for grabs but it doesn't come easy as people need to do sacrifices throughout their lives. Cassper sacrificed his family time and education to go to Johannesburg and chase his music dreams. As an artist he went through thick and thin, he had to push through the pain in order to enjoy the gravy that he's currently sipping on now.

What is truly amazing is that he didn't give up on his dreams even though he had it tough in the music industry. We look at Cassper as our Mr Nelson Mandela of the music industry as he has similar personal traits as him. Like always thinking nor finding ways to uplift the standards of living of our communities, and promoting unconditional love, respect and tolerance amongst each other in the world. Cassper has written his name in the history books of South Africa for putting his unique music in the world's stage and paving a way for many musicians to follow on his footsteps and conquer the world. He has received many accolades for his tremendous work, but he has always seen himself as a winner and definitely he's on the winning team that uses the winning formulas only to stay at the top.

Cassper has been on top of his game but he feels that he still needs to do more. As winners always finding ways to stay ahead of everyone and run their own races. Success hasn't got in the head of Cassper as he's still humble and stayed true to his day ones to build their umpires. We need to give credit where its due and Cassper Nyovest deserves all the praises for all his hustle and he's an inspiration to many of us as fellow South Africans. LONG LIVE CASSPER NYOVEST LONG LIVE.

Please go and buy Cassper's latest album Sweet and Short.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Thank Y'all

Thank Y'all

I Just want to take this opportunity to thank the people take off their busy schedules to read my work. Thanks a million to everyone who has read the material on my blog. Shout out to more people who will read my work.

I love y'all unconditionally.

Sunday, March 24, 2019


DECISIONS. Written by Sivuyile Tshalana.

As a human being living on earth, along the way you have to make certain decisions to benefit you or your loved ones going forward in life. These decisions can effect you or your loved ones in a good or bad way depending on the decision made and the situation that lead you into making that particular decision. Almost everything is made up of decision in life and it is a matter of how well you make your decisions and most of the times you have to stick to your decision in the long run of life.

It is crucial to think before making any decisions, you need look at both the negative and positive sides of your decisions. Nowadays many people make rushed decisions that they regret later on in their lives. People cannot make proper decisions while they are not emotionally, physically and psychologically unstable. Many people need to learn to make decisions by themselves to show maturity and independence. You cannot afford to give powers to someone else to make decisions that will change your life forever but you can consult with them and you must make the final decisions. In this life it is your decision to be lazy, sleeping nonstop, being uneducated, being unsuccessful and being inferior to other people, while you can be superior if you wanted to be superior in your life. You choose who you want to date, your friends, your environment and if you want to be single as well as doing drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol. A lot of decisions certain people make are usually influenced by temporal people that enter their lives which end up affecting the rest of their lives, when these people have left them and that leads to more regrets. Hence people should make their own decisions and when things go wrong, they have no-one to blame but themselves and they have to take full responsibilities of their decisions. Many people need to understand the importance of making decisions, before even making any decisions and sometimes a person might not get it right the first time around but it does not mean they should quit in making decisions. They should learn from their mistakes and keep it going by making wise decisions. 

Many people need to learn to trust themselves and believe in their decision making skills in order to make successful decisions about certain things in their lives. People need to realize that they cannot run nor hide from making decisions sometime in their lives. One way or the other, they will make decisions and it is important that people start learning at an early to make proper decisions while still supervised by elders. Remember the decisions you make in life can make or break you but either way, you have to keep it moving and learn from every decision you make on this earth.



It all boils down to how hungry you are when it comes to life itself. It is good to have goals, visions and ambitions in life in order to contribute to your success. Actions play a vital role when it comes to success. You can have a great plan on paper or in your mind on how you going to reach your dreams, but if you not doing anything about it on a daily basis then it will just remain a plan on paper or a dream in your head. No-one is born to be unsuccessful in life. Whether you believe it or not, it is what it is. We all meant to succeed in this lifetime.

‘Practice makes permanent’, if we all work on our dreams everyday. Put in the work, despite the negativity one gets when we share our dreams with others. I do not see any reason why people should not be successful. People need to accept that there is no smooth road to success, there is a lot of humps, roadblocks and traffic on the road to success. ‘Patience is a virtue’, which basically means waiting for something without getting angry is a valuable quality in a person's life and with such a mindset you cannot go wrong. Always remember that ‘easy come easy go’. If you did not work for something in life, but you get it for free, that thing has no sentimental value in your life and you will abuse it or misuse it. Since it is something you never worked for you have no idea about the work that was put into it for it to be a success. People need to visualize success in their body, mind and spirit. They need to be in it to win it at all costs, because it would not come easy. It is within your abilities to succeed, it is not far fetched because if you look within yourself you can achieve it. You can actually use that as a stepping stone to success. Do not be afraid to fail in life. Remember ‘it does not matter how many times you fall, but what matters is how often you get up’. Your downfall can also lead to your come up, hence it is just a matter of how you look at each challenge on your way to success.

Do not be afraid of trying out new things in life. Not everything is a rocket science, so ask if you do not have the answers. Hence do not let people tell you otherwise about success. Procrastination is the thief of time and is a major threat to success. In order to succeed you must value time and use it properly each day, because we all have twenty-four hours in a day to do something that contributes to our goals and future. But we usually spend those hours doing unproductive things, lazing around, complaining and gossiping about people. All of this is not the building blocks to success, it is just a waste of time and it should be a phase in people's lives that should not last long. They should quickly get over it, and focus on their lives and how can they better it. People must identify their strengths and weaknesses, so that they can fix it. You cannot fix something if you do not know the problem. Hanniffa Patterson says ten words that highly describe successful. They are being positive, perseverance, care (about people), generous, integrity, self-forgiving, excuse-free, confident, building relationships and focus.

We all need to ask ourselves what are we doing in this life in order to be successful. We can all succeed, but not at the same time and you can never judge or measure your success by other people's success. You can look at them as motivation and learn from them. Get up and start doing something towards your future it is never too late. Keep your circle small and full of people who share the same goals as you. Go out there, chase your dreams and do not be afraid some people might not get your dreams at first but sooner or later they will keep up.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019



In a world so short of role models and mentors that many people can a thing or two from them if they look properly for guidance. There is the Big Dawg that many people cannot stop mentioning when it comes to pioneers of South African House Music and just South African Music in general to the world.

This pioneer goes by the name of Dj Fresh and he is one of the humblest men in the music industry, despite all the things he has achieved in his career. He is so grounded, loyal, and a fantastic entertainer and all-round people’s person. Dj Fresh values his fans, whether it is on-air, face-to-face or social media, he always shows love to them and does not mind taking selfies with them. He is a House Music legendary deejay who has released numerous albums, best known for his House Flavas compilations. If he is not behind the decks making people dance or producing music, he is on the air waves, making people's mornings exciting with his jokes, great topics and unique opinions. ‘The Big Dawg Laugh’ that makes you laugh even if you did not get the joke, because it is very contagious. He makes real radio fun with amazing content and a great team. All the hard work, determination, positivity, perseverance and hunger for more attitude makes him standout. Dj Fresh has created scholarships for students from disadvantaged communities to attend university, especially to study media.

Dj Fresh has been able to remain relevant for so many years as a broadcaster, entrepreneur and a deejay. He is very unique, because he can be able to adjust to whatever the music, and broadcasting industry throws at him and he still comes out on top anyway. Dj Fresh is a true legend and a role model.

NB: Catch Thato Sikwane aka Dj Fresh ‘The Big Dawg’ on Metro FM! Monday to Friday from 5am - 9am murdering the airwaves. Alongside Somizi, Angie and Mpho on the #FreshBreakfastShow.